About MindAction

MindAction is a “boutique” consulting house led by Mette Yde in collaboration with an extensive and talented network of experienced consultants.

MindAction works with multiple industries and commands a contemporary toolbox of frameworks, methodologies and technologies.

In MindAction, we believe that the future is built on people and their capability to learn, intentionally collaborate, and partner with technology. We also strongly believe that nurturing a new type of leadership is key to a promising future.

We are passionate about defining a shared purpose for the individual, the team, the leadership, and the organisation, rethinking, inspiring and devising new solutions.

No intervention is too small, and no project is too large. Irrespective of the scope, we focus on objectives, key results and benefits that create value for the business, the organisation, the leaders, the customers and all other impacted stakeholders.

Mette Yde is a multidisciplinary advisor, consultant, coach, and facilitator. She is a deep listener with strengths of empathy, vision, holistic sense, curiosity, context attention and structure.


It takes leadership for the organisation to perform and the business to flourish – leadership that models future and purpose – the strengths of transparent and authentic leadership.


Every problem presents an opportunity for progress. Working alongside you, we combine exploration and insight to solve your wild problems. With leading business knowledge and insight, we help your business transform and make an impact.


LifePerform is the MindAction universe for personal development. It is the backbone of my professional practice when I help specialists, leaders, and leadership groups achieve their full potential and perform in life with purpose, value and strength.